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December 01 2016

This comic appears in the latest issue of The Southampton Review.

Posters are available at my shop.
You can now pre-order my book, The Shape of Ideas.
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November 28 2016

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November 25 2016

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This week had been a rough week, I was very down and this idea came out. Some friends' lives were equally crappy too and I tried cheering them up, ending up worrying more about all their problems plus mine.

Went on to continue my Timestamps comics but wasn't able to finish the current one cuz my mood wasn't working out, drew this one instead cuz in Chapter 3, RN became so passive-agressive and pushed Travia away due to her record label recruitment. Eventually, she unintentionally drove people away from her until the intervention happened.

That's the very same problem I've countlessly experienced in real life, and sick of it. Chapter 3 is the least favorite chapter to write cuz the ugly memories always come back.

P.s. Zephyra never really met RN in the story, she only emailed her and Travia in Chapter 5 (epilogue). Didn't know why I put her in the fourth panel, maybe I just felt like it.Or maybe it's all in RN's imagination cuz she lives under the crippling image that she'll never be like Zephyra, yet Travia figuratively got elevated to Zephyra's status with the record label recruitment and finally being an official musician, the reason RN pushed Travia away out of envy.

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Damn it, Amethyst.

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November 16 2016

Which monster is better: Digital, or Pocket? Maybe their differences aren't as significant as their similarities. Maybe WE'RE the monsters. - J HALL
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November 14 2016

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November 06 2016







ok but what if like. werewolves transform under the full moon but theres just this one and by day hes a big tough guy and then when he transforms hes a tiny dog. just fucking. just fucking turns into the tiniest, fluffiest dog


imagine that howling at the moon






Truly a ferocious predator.

And lastly: (He’s the pack leader obviously)


@savyjayjane Roen from DWD is this. Even hell hounds can’t deny the Pomeranian.

Hahahaha so true x’D Roen is such a cute ferocious pomeranian though :3 <3 ahah

i’m sorry i’m not sorry

November 03 2016


The exorcism 

another silly comic warm up practice… the priest lost his world-record though….

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November 02 2016

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October 30 2016

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October 29 2016

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cuz some girls get mood swings, some girls get cravings, and other girls get a series of bad luck before their period starts.
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October 28 2016

Szczerość zawsze w cenie
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October 27 2016

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favorite Strov moment (besides his drama in Chapter 4 of course). This was Chapter 2 Wednesday night, when RN crashed his apartment so they could watch Zephyra's concert.
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Chapter 1 Saturday, the squad were hanging out in The Grand Battleonian & having lunch at Taco Del Tormentos (srsly why do I come up with these weird-ass names) cuz Travia loves tacos. Here, Azka & Ingvald shared a taco & getting sauces all over their cheeks, much to RN's disgust & irony cuz the two aren't the type to show PDA.
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October 23 2016

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ghosts sure are scary

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Witness, romance!

Amethyst you sneaky voyeur. Let's be bffs.
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October 22 2016

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