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October 23 2016

October 22 2016

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this was my anthem on turning 20
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What happens when the fragility of masculinity meets the envy of a girl.
and of course, nothin’ wrong with a little gay time among straight bffs.

starrng myoo89 & myself, & i didnt actually get a haircut IRL. just planning to.

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October 21 2016

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Timestamps Chapter 2 Friday night. After working on the toothpaste commercial animation the whole day the animators had their dinner at Steamboat Burger Rolls (some shabu-shabu & burger & egg rolls fusion restaurant).
This is the prawn-tiara vs pickle-tiara scene
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Timestamps Chapter 1 Wednesday. While RN & Travia made their coffee at the kitchenette they overheard Shivonne talking about Zephyra's performance at the festival on Monday night & RN improvised, pretended that she & Travia performed there too and loudly faux-bragged so the directors can hear.

It's something I would really do IRL too
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Timestamps Chapter 1 Thursday: Finding out Shivonne got a keychain camera from her bf Gioven, RN sulked on her desk till Azka came n told her Ingvald gave her the same thing.

oh and Berwald gets called 'Waldo' sometimes.
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Chapter 1 Friday, where RN stayed over at Travia's apartment & gets bothered by Travia's sister Vanja, who's also staying over for the college holidays.
RN's telling the truth about etiquette around artists, Vanja was just lucky RN found something to copy from Dwy in order to draw for her.
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October 15 2016

October 14 2016

I tyle było z moich oszczędności xD
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October 10 2016

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“Why do you beat yourself up so much over little mistakes?”

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October 08 2016

Bycie wysokim też ma swoje wady :C
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October 02 2016

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September 29 2016

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September 28 2016

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