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July 05 2015

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I love you so please take care of yourself. 

This is so amazing I love this

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July 02 2015

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true story.
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June 30 2015

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June 29 2015

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June 28 2015

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June 27 2015

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June 26 2015

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Steven Universe: Gemsonae

I also am a deviantArt person.

Updates every weekend. (This is a work of parody and I’m making absolutely no money off of it)

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June 25 2015




How to respond to the question ‘Are they twins?’. 

Adding from my brother: “You see it too??”

“Triplets, actually. I’m the third.”

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June 24 2015

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June 23 2015

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does anyone else have this same problem or is it just me?
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