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March 18 2018

Similar ideas shouldn't stop you from creating
Sorry cuz I'm not sorry for my opinion on showing off your art despite people having done similar artworks before.
Nobody ever said this to me back when I was starting, so I felt the need to say this to somebody. Someone in deviantART told me their friend stopped writing and took down her fanfics and her blog account just cuz people accused her of copying someone else's fanfics and bashed her fics when it was all a coincidence. And in an Ear Biscuits episode Rhett & Link spoke about the numerous of scrapped out video ideas just cuz other Youtubers have beat them to making videos they were planning to make. It's really sad hearing this and I kinda wanna see their works cuz they've worked hard on something and y'all know how it feels to have something you've spent time working on thrown into the trash just like that. It's frustrating.
If this is the case then you gotta put a disclaimer on the comments or something. Don't let a small coincidence make people think you're an idea thief.

Tapas | Webtoon
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March 11 2018

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corny.mistick on instagram~ 
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March 09 2018

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February 16 2018

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I still haven't learned to keep my mouth shut, god dammit.
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February 15 2018

Wie pan, każdy człowiek ma jakąś potrzebę kontaktu z ludźmi, ale kontaktu nie przypadkowego, tylko jakiejś bliskości charakteru, myślenia, nastroju.
— Tadeusz Konwicki
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February 08 2018

February 05 2018

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January 15 2018

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January 05 2018

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Only me.
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December 26 2017

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December 25 2017

Kowal Kocyka
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December 23 2017

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December 21 2017

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December 02 2017

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Ageing with dignity.
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On Copying: The Internet vs Companies
Back when I started deviantART i learnt you’re not supposed to copy (let alone trace) artworks, which is true, and an important lesson. And god forbid you forget to credit the original artists without getting bashed online.
It was until I got employed that I realized people in the workplace don’t even care whether their employees copied or not, as long as what they make sells. These people care less about intended similarities between works than people on the internet.

Moral of the story: plagiarism is a big no-no, but copying? most companies won’t care as much as an average artist on the internet will. Elaborate internet hate is real.
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so this came out of a random doodle
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November 26 2017

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November 21 2017

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